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Gym in Intelier Rosa

Relaxation and healthy living in the middle of the city

Discover the Intelier Rosa Wellness Area

A small space to keep in great shape. Exercise and disconnection to enjoy the benefits of a good routine.

Machines to keep the routine going

Intelier Rosa’s sports room has a treadmill, a bicycle, a weight machine and a bathroom to keep you in shape during holidays and business trips. Say goodbye to stress in the hotel gym.

A Wellness area that will amaze you

Get ready for a healthy lifestyle and enter the new dimension of relaxation. Find out what’s in store for you.


The sauna that will relieve your stress

Opening its door and crossing the threshold is synonymous with entering another dimension: disconnection, rest, calm and pleasure. Let yourself be enveloped by its warmth and escape from your worries – there will be no better end to your training!

Learn more about the gym and wellness area

Before enjoying our facilities for relaxation and healthy living, you should be aware of the requirements for use.
  • Exclusive use for guests
  • From 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Other Intelier hotels with a gym and relaxation area

Disconnecting from routine and connecting with your health is also possible in other hotels. Discover all the wellness corners of Intelier Hotels.