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In compliance with Law 2/2023, which regulates the protection of persons who report regulatory and anti-corruption violations, we make available to interested parties the information system known as the Ethics Channel. Our main mission is to create a corporate culture of compliance, social responsibility and good governance, based on the ethical principles and values that are part of the organisation. Compliance that applies to all the people who make up our company, to our suppliers and customers, and to any other entity or collaborating partner with whom we interact in the development of our activity. We establish appropriate policies and procedures to ensure that the business areas and activities are carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations in force, and that the internal standards and processes that are committed to transparency in management, good organisational practices and ethical commitment are respected.

Criminal Compliance Management System

The aim of our Criminal Compliance Management System is to guarantee compliance with both legislation and the principles and values contained in our Code of Ethics. We have a firm commitment to ethics, integrity and transparency. It establishes the surveillance and control measures for the prevention and detection of criminal offences within the company.

Ethical Code

Its objective is to establish the guidelines for the behaviour of all the people who make up the INTUR GROUP in our daily performance within the organisation, as well as in our professional relations with the different interest groups. The aim is to foster a culture of compliance in order to achieve our objectives in an integral, transparent and sustainable manner.

Our Code of Ethics aims to translate the organisation’s corporate values into desired behaviours, taking as a starting point the mission and vision of the organisation, the applicable legislation and the commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Ethical Channel

Through our ethics channel, you can make queries and/or report irregular conduct and breaches, both legal and of internal procedures and the Code of Ethics. This channel is available to the different stakeholders that relate to the organisation: employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, collaborators, public administrations, competitors and society in general.

It is not the purpose of this channel to receive or manage any type of request, complaint or claim addressed to the customer service department and/or related to service management issues. In this case, you can use the contact form that you can find on our website, in the ‘Contact’ tab.